Our Top 5 Picks for The Best Food Processor in Pakistan [2024]

Having a good food processor helps cut down on menial tasks and focus on cooking food you love. Chopping, slicing, dicing, and beating can get tedious (not to mention exhausting – especially when you cream sugar and butter).

With a reliable food processor, you can make smoothies, prepare cake or pancake batter, and slice and dice with almost zero effort. You can pour your effort into actually cooking the meal (and, well, eating it), instead of spending hours on preparation.

If you’ve never bought a food processor before, it can be tricky to identify the best models. A good food processor should perform its functions efficiently, provide user-control through power settings, come with reasonable attachments, and be durable enough to last. 

Beyond the basics, you might have some additional preferences like quieter food factories or ones that have sleek designs. So, we put together this guide to help you find the best food processor in Pakistan to suit your individual needs.

In a hurry? Here are our picks for the best food processor in Pakistan for:

The best overall: Philips HR7320/00

Phillip’s HR7320/00 has a respectable 700W, suitable for everyday family needs, and three speed settings (2 + pulse). The model comes with a blender attachment and a sturdy, compact design. It offers great value for money and you’re protected by a 2-year brand warranty. Read Full Review

Our budget pick: Dawlance DWFP 5240

Dawlance has struck a nice balance between price and performance with the DWFP 5240. The model doesn’t support as many functions as other processors on our list, but it offers great value for money. Read Full Review

The best high-end: Westpoint Robomax (WF-8819)

There’s not much Westpoint’s WF-8819 can’t do. The model boasts an impressive 3.5L bowl capacity, and supports every function you could need. Read Full Review

The best multi-purpose: Anex AG 3156 (6-in-1)

Anex’s AG 3156 boasts a powerful max 1100W and multiple functions, making it one of the best food factories in Pakistan for everyday needs. Read Full Review

The best budget multi-purpose: Westpoint (WF-2805)

Supporting five functions (grinding, juicing, chopping, blending, cutting) at a reasonable price, Westpoint’s WF-2805 is the best multipurpose food factory if you’re on a budget. Read Full Review

What is the best food processor brand in Pakistan?

When it comes to food processors, they are all similar, yet very different. This can make it pretty difficult to choose which one will work the best for you. We’ve put together some of the best food processor brands in Pakistan, which includes:

  • Philips
  • Anex
  • Dawlance
  • Westpoint 

If you’re looking to buy a good food processor, keeping the contenders for the best brand food processor brand in Pakistan is important. Otherwise, going with a lesser-known brand might end up costing you in the long-run.

Our picks for the best food processor in Pakistan

1. Philips HR7320/00


Capacity: Bowl – 2.1 L, Jar – 1 L
Power levels: 700 W
Pulse function: Yes
Additional functions: chopper, blender
Attachments: Jar, unit S-blade, emulsifying tool, kneading tool, reversible disc.
Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to buy

  • Blender includes
  • Multiple attachments
  • Durable build
  • 700W and reliable performance

Reasons to avoid

  • Lacks a juicer (which some competing models offer)

The Phillips HR7320/00 is one of the best food processors in Pakistan for everyday needs. Its 700W power rating means you can use it not just for basic needs, like mixing, but also more demanding ones, like softening hard dough or creaming butter and sugar. The 2.1 L bowl capacity is ample for medium-sized families.

For a food processor to be considered “good value” for money, it should fulfill multiple roles, which the HR7320 does nice. The 2-in-1 model comes with a blender sporting a modest 1L jar capacity, and it features multifunctional tools like emulsifying and kneading tools, and a reversible disc. The food processor is equipped to perform tasks ranging from kneading to creaming, and the blender is great for making smoothies.

The Phillis HR7320/00 comes with two speed settings, low and high, and if you need an extra kick, there’s a pulse setting. The model retails at around 20,500 PKR (purchase it on Daraz here), offering great value for money.

2. Anex AG 3156 (Multifunctional, 1100 max Watts)


Capacity: 2.10 L
Power levels: 820-1100 W
Pulse function: Yes
Additional functions: Chopper, blender, grinder, beater
Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to buy

  • Multiple functions
  • Many useful attachments
  • Powerful (1100 max wattage)

Reasons to avoid

  • Not suitable for kneading
  • Expensive (around 30k PKR)

The Anex AG 3156 is an “everything” food processor and easily a top contendor for the best food factory in Pakistan. It comes with a blender jug, an electric beater, a chopper, and even a juicer attachment. It’s also topped off nicely with different attachments (like various slicing discs) to fulfill nearly every need.

The AG 3156 has 3 speed settings – a nice change from models that stick with 2 – and an additional pulse setting. The processor’s build explains what each setting is for; ranging from mincing (1st setting) to dry grinding (pulse setting),

The model has a power range of 820W-1100W; meaning, when its met with resistance, its max power output increases to 1100W. In practice, this means the Anex is suitable for more demanding needs, with less risk of overheating. The keyword here is less – you should still be careful about using it for long periods, and the model is not good for kneading dough.

The Anex AG 3156 has most fronts covered, and it’s a great “all in one” package. It retails at around 25,000-30,000 PKR (purchase it on Daraz here), offering exceptional value for money.

3. Dawlance DWFP 5240


Capacity: 2 L
Power levels: 500 W
Pulse function: Yes 
Blade attachments: 3 for for slicing, dicing, and shredding, and 1 for chopping.
Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to buy

  • Overheat protection
  • Affordable
  • 2L bowl capacity

Reasons to avoid

  • 500 W
  • Limited functions

Dawlance might not be the name that comes to mind when you’re looking for small kitchen appliances, but they’ve done a great job with the DWFP 5240. The budget model offers excellent value for money with a respectable 500 W power rating, 2L bowl capacity (ample for everyday needs), and an interesting “overheat protection” switch to protect your investment.

The DWFP 5240 has a compact, durable build and two speed settings (plus a pulse setting). Unlike the more high-end models on our list, the DWFP doesn’t come with a blender attachment – it’s exclusively a food processor. However, Dawlance has included four blades, so it still fulfills slicing, dicing, shredding, and chopping needs.

If you’re wondering what restrictions come with a 500W model, the answer is, not too many. Food processors that fall in the 400W-700W range comfortably manage most everyday needs – the need for caution comes from potential overheating. You need to give the processor breaks between demandng tasks. But, Dawlance tackled this concern nicely with overheat safety protection.

Overall, the Dawlance DWFP 5240 offers exceptional value for money, retailing at just around 11,000 PKR (purchase it on Daraz here). It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of multi-purpose food factories, but it’s a great companion in the kitchen.

4. Westpoint Robomax (WF-8819)


Capacity: 3.5L bowl, 1.5L blender jar
Power levels: 1100 W
Pulse function: Yes
Additional functions: blender, juicer, grinder, chopper
Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to buy

  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple functions (juicer, blender, grinder, whisker, etc.)
  • Massive 3.5L capacity

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive

Some appliances just offer more, and the WF-8819 is one of them. From Westpoint’s Robomax series, this kitchen assistant boasts a massive 3.5L bowl capacity, a generous 1.5L blender jar, and 1100W of power. It’s designed for serious cooks that need more power, capacity, and functions.

Speaking of functions, there’s not much that the WF-8819 doesn’t do. Westpoint has thrown in everything you could possibly need – including a blender, juice extractor, citrus juicer, electric whisk and yes, a dry grinder too. The model also comes with a boatload of attachments – including slicing and shredding discs, a french fry disc, a chopping blade, and a dough hook and spatula.

If you regularly cook large portions, you’ll love the 3.5L bowl capacity. For reference, a 2-2.5L capacity is ample for everyday needs, so 3.5L takes care of more demanding requirements – like if you need to prepare larger cakes or mix a big portion of sauce.

If you’re looking to splurge, you can’t do much better than Westpoint’s Robomax WF-8819. It’s strong contendor for the best food processor in Pakistan, and it retals at around 38,500-40,000 PKR (purchase it on Daraz here) – expensive, but worth the price tag.

5. Westpoint WF-2805


Capacity: 1.75L jar
Power levels: 450 W
Additional functions: Blender, chopper, juicer, grinder, cutter
Warranty: 2 years

Reasons to buy

  • Multiple functions
  • Great value for money
  • Overheat protection
  • Affordable

Reasons to avoid

  • Modest capacity
  • Average motor

Westpoint’s WF-2805 offers multiple functions at a very reasonable price point. So if you’re looking for a multipurpose food factory on a budget, it’s worth considering.

Westpoint pitches the WF-2805 as a ‘five-in-1’ processor and, well, they’re not wrong. The model has a dedicated blender, juicer, grinder (for wet and dry grinding), chopper, and multiple attachments for different types of cutting. For us, the grinder is a big plus – most food processor’s in this price range don’t offer grinders, and few come with juicers.

But it can’t be all good, right? True – Westpoint has pulled back on the motor, which is only 450W, and the capacity is below what we generally recommend (at least 2L is ideal). In practice, the low wattage means you’ll need to be careful when usng the WF-2805 for more demanding tasks (like, say, blending something hard). However, any processor with at least 400W can manage most everyday tasks, although you might need to give it some breaks in between.

To protect your motor from overheating, Westpoint’s included an overheat switch, so if the motor starts to heat up, it’ll turn off automatically.

The WF-2805 is an excellent choice for a very specific buyer – someone looking for multiple functions who is willing to compromise on capacity and power. But considering it retails at just over 14,000 PKR (purchase it on Daraz), it’s an affordable, reliable option.

How to pick the best food factory in Pakistan for you

If you’re still confused about which one of these might be the best one for you, here are a few things you need to consider:


Ensure that the machine you pick can manage the most demanding chores, like kneading stiff doughs, cutting fresh vegetables, or shredding cheese. Otherwise, you risk the processor not cutting, mixing evenly, or the motor burning out. It’s also important to make sure that the food factory is stable even when it’s in the highest setting.


Make sure that if you’re buying an expensive food factory, it has the features, power, and quality that make up for the price. Otherwise, you could buy an expensive food processor thinking it’s good when it’s not. 

Cheaper models won’t get you a full suite of features, but if you just need basic tasks done, then they’re good picks.


If you’re buying a food processor to make food for many people regularly, then you should probably try to get a big one with a higher capacity. But, it can cost more, and they can take up a fair amount of counter space. So, you need to find the right balance depending on your kitchen’s size.

If you’re just cooking for yourself and maybe a couple of others, then a 1.5-2L capacity model should work nicely.

Dishwasher safe

Having dishwasher-safe parts is standard for food processors these days. However, it’s always good to make sure that the food factory you’re thinking of buying is dishwasher safe. Handing washing every single attachment is tedious and time-consuming.

The ideal Food Processors usually don’t have sharp edges or holes that are difficult to access, where food could potentially pile up. Even a dishwasher could struggle to reach these areas in certain situations. You’d have to use a brush to fully clean them out.

Happy Buying!

We hope you found our rundown for the best food processor in Pakistan helpful. Personally, we love to cook, but finding a good food processor is always tricky. They’re either too nosey, or they start quaking at higher settings. That’s why we listed only the best models that came under our radar.

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