Top 5 Picks for the Best Electric Heater in Pakistan

If you’re looking for an electric heater in Pakistan to get you through the winters, the good news is that there are lots of good space heaters available. The less-than-good news is that finding the right one for your room gets more complicated. 

Which type of heater should you get – e.g., fan, oil, or halogen? What features are important? Do you need to spot cooling or a heater that can heat up an entire room? These are some of the main questions you’ll need to answer.

Fortunately, we’ve put this review together to help you choose the best electric heater in Pakistan for your needs. We’ve compared different models and included our top picks, which includes heaters for various needs.

In a hurry? Here are the best electric heaters in Pakistan:

Best budget-friendly fan heater: MAXX Electric Fan Heater (MX-116)

If you’re looking for a reliable fan heater on a budget, Maxx MX-116 (by SOGO) is a good choice, with its robust build, compact design, customizable temperature, and lower power consumption. Read full review

Best value fan heater: Sogo Electric Ceramic Fan Heater (JPN-78)

Sogo’s JPN-78 ceramic fan heater offers two power settings – 1000&2000W respectively, a wide heating range, a durable build, and extensive safety features. It’s the best electric fan heater in Pakistan in its class. Read full review

Best gas-electric blow heater (imported): Rinnai 220v

This Japanese gas blow heater is safe, energy-efficient, and boasts lots of advanced features for customizing your heating experience. Read full review

Best budget heater (halogen): Sogo Halogen Heater JPN-119

Sogo’s JPN-119 is a simple, reliable halogen heater that’s very light on the pocket. Read full review

Best oil radiator heater: Gree GEH22-2200G

The Gree GEH22’s reliable safety features, durable build quality, and excellent, customized performance make it the best electric heater in Pakistan for families. It’s perfect for heating rooms of all sizes. Read full review

Our top 5 picks for the best electric heater in Pakistan

1. Gree GEH22-2200G 


• 3 Power selection
• Auto Thermostat
• 13 fins
• 2200 W Power
• 2 year brand warranty

Reasons to buy

  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Heats rooms of any size
  • Customizable heat settings
  • 2-year warranty

Reasons to avoid

  • Takes a while to heat up

If you need a safe, reliable, and high-performance electric heater to heat large rooms, then Gree’s GEH22-2200G model is an excellent choice. This oil-filled radiator heater has three power levels, allowing you to customize the heat settings, and an automatic thermostat. The GEH22 is also one of the safest electric heaters you can buy in Pakistan – it includes both overheating protection (i.e., it turns off automatically if it gets too hot) and tipping-over protection (it’ll turn off if it tips over). These precautions make the GEH22 a safe choice for family homes.

Since this model is a radiator heater, it’ll take over 15 minutes to heat your room up properly. But once the heater warms up, it’ll stay hot for a long time even if you turn it off. So if you’re keeping one in your bedroom, you can turn it off before going to sleep and it’ll keep you warm overnight (provided your room isn’t very big). 

The Gree GEH22-2200G retails at under 60,000 PKR and is backed by a two-year warranty.

2. Sogo Halogen Heater JPN-119


• 2 heat settings – 300/600W
• 220 – 240V input
• 180° automatic oscillating

Reasons to buy

  • Affordable
  • Noiseless
  • Heats up quickly

Reasons to avoid

  • Subpar build quality
  • Lacks safety features

Sogo’s JPN-119 halogen heater is an affordable heater that’s also cheap to run. Given how small the heater is, it’s not going to heat a whole room, but it’s sufficient for spot-heating (e.g. if you want to point it at the couch or your bed). The JPN-119 is noiseless and heats up quickly, too, and its lightweight build makes it easy to carry around from room to room.

However, making such an affordable heater means Sogo had to compromise somewhere – in this case, it’s on the build quality and safety features. The JPN-119 lacks overheating protection and tip-over protection, and the materials used to design it aren’t particularly robust. But, given its price point (it costs under 5,000 PKR on daraz), it offers good value for money if you just need spot-heating.

3. Sogo Ceramic Fan Heater (JPN-78)


• 2 heat settings – 1300/2200W
• Wide angle oscillating base
• Safety tip-over switch
• Overheat protection

Reasons to buy

  • Adjustable power settings
  • Doubles as a cooling fan
  • Excellent build quality
  • Robust safety features
  • Touchscreen and remote control

Reasons to avoid

  • Not powerful enough for large rooms

Sogo’s JPN-78 is a higher-end electric fan heater, with a durable build, extensive safety features, a wide heating range, and two heating settings (1300W or 2200W). The electric heater includes overheating protection – preventing it from reaching dangerously high temperatures – and tip-over protection, which shuts the heater off if it falls over.

For the most part, the 1300W setting offers enough heating power. It’s enough for small rooms and for heating specific parts of larger rooms, but you’ll need to switch to the 2200W setting to properly heat a medium-sized room. The JPN-78 also doubles as a cooling fan for the summers, but it’s only effective if used in conjunction with an air conditioner. 

The Sogo JPN-78 ceramic fan heater retails at around 10,000-14,000 PKR on Daraz, offering exceptional value for money and making it one of the best electric fan heaters in Pakistan.

4. Maxx Electric Fan Heater (MX-116)


• 220 – 240V input
• 500W power
• 3 modes & adjustable room thermostat
• 180° oscillation

Reasons to buy

  • Compact, durable build
  • Three temperature settings
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Low power consumption

Reasons to avoid

  • Not very powerful

Compact, lightweight, and energy efficient are just some words that aptly describe the MX-112. This budget-friendly electric heater boasts a pleasantly durable build quality, designed with durable, temperature-resistant plastic. Use the adjustable thermostat to choose from cool, warm, or hot temperature settings, and toggle with the speed switch to change the fan speed.

The MX-116 electric fan heater is perfect for quickly heating up small spaces, like your personal workspace or the area around your bed. It features a 180-degree rotation, evenly distributing hot air into the surroundings. Additionally, its power rating of 500W means it won’t put a big dent in your electricity bill.

The best part? The Maxx MX-116 currently retails at under 5000 PKR on Daraz (its usual price is around 7500 PKR). Overall, if you need a compact, affordable fan heater, then congratulations – you’ve found the right appliance.

5. Japanese Gas Blower Heater (Refurbished) – Rinnai


• 220V input
• Gas + electricity (both required)
• Automatic digital climate control
• 30W power consumption
• Overheat protection
• Child lock supported

Reasons to buy

  • High-quality build
  • Energy-efficient & cheap to run
  • Safety features (child lock, sensor switch-off)
  • Climate control (maintains desired temperature)
  • Connects to UPS & solar systems

Reasons to avoid

  • Requires both gas and electricity supplies
  • Refurbished

While we’re usually hesitant to promote gas products (given Pakistan’s consistent shortages), this heater is considerably more economical to run than its electric counterparts – and offers exceptional performance. It’s imported from Japan and refurbished by The Heaters Shop (in Pakistan), boasts a durable build, and you can choose from both natural gas or LPG variants. It runs on both gas and electricity and uses less than 30W of power (you can also connect it to the UPS or to your solar system).

Despite being a refurbished product, customers report being fully satisfied with their purchases, so the seller has done a good job at making sure the mechanics are perfect. As you’d expect with a Japanese appliance, this gas blow heater comes with lots of nifty features, including:

Automatic sensor switch-off, in case the gas or electricity supply cuts/fails.
Temperature-resistant body, that remains cool. 
Automatic climate control, the heater will constantly maintain the temperature you select (i.e., it’ll heat up or slow down accordingly).
It includes a child lock, perfect for families.

This gas-electric blower heater retails at under 12,000, making it one of the best heaters in Pakistan overall, offering exceptional value for money.

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