The 6 Best ACs in Pakistan

Every summer, Pakistan experiences scorching heat and high humidity. This makes it difficult to keep cool at home or in the office. To get through the hot summers, you’ll need to have an effective air conditioner. 

It can be difficult to find the best AC in Pakistan – you need to carefully consider your budget, requirements, and the different available models.

So, to help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the best inverter air conditioners in Pakistan, as well as tips on how to choose the right unit for your needs.

To choose your favorite air conditioners in Pakistan it’s essential to consider some key factors, including:

  • Performance
  • Durability
  • Energy consumption
  • Compressor life
  • Cost

Inverter vs. Non-inverter: What’s the difference?

First, you’ll need to decide between an inverter or a non-inverter AC. While the latter kind aren’t as popular as they once were, you should be aware of the differences between the two. 

In general, inverters have a higher price tag, but the lower running cost makes them a more cost-effective option in the long run.  The lower running cost is thanks to the smooth operation and efficient performance of inverter air conditioners.

These ACs will regulate their speed and temperature based on the room’s requirements. After cooling your room down to the desired temperature, the inverter reduces the compressor motor’s speed, thus saving energy. Inverter air conditioners are also quieter than non-inverters.

On the other hand, non-inverter ACs operate more simply. You change their temperature as needed; however, they will not have control over the power source, and the AC compressor’s speed is fixed.  

Since inverter ACs offer better performance, and save you money in the long run, we’ve decided to focus on them in our product reviews.

In a hurry? Here are our picks for the best air conditioner in Pakistan:

Best Overall: Panasonic Inverter Heat & Cool Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton (UE18WKF-9)

This 1.5 Ton AC offers many smart features, reliable performance, and a split function, making it our top pick for the best overall air conditioner. Read Full Review

Best 1 ton: Gree DC Inverter Pular Series Air Conditioner Heat & Cool 1.0 Ton (GS-12PITH11W)

This 1 Ton AC has excellent cooling features and reliable performance. Gree’s air conditioners are also a customer favorite. Read Full Review

Best 1.5 ton: Dawlance Elegance + Inverter 30 1.5 Ton

The fast cooling and smart functions make this AC a top contender for the Best ACs in Pakistan. Read Full Review

Best budget: Dawlance Air Conditioner Sprinter 15 DC Inverter

This budget-friendly AC is available at a significantly lower price than its competitors and it functions just as well as they do. Read Full Review

Best energy saver: Gree Fairy Inverter Split Air Conditioner Heat & Cool 1.5 Ton (GS-18FITH3W)

This is an ideal choice for people looking for an air conditioner that gives the highest performance at the lowest energy consumption. Read Full Review

What is the best Air Conditioner brand in Pakistan?

There are a lot of different brands that sell ACs in Pakistan, so it can be tough to decide which one to go with. While the AC that you choose will depend on your budget and requirements, here are some of the brands that you should consider. 

The top AC brands in Pakistan include:

  • Gree
  • Panasonic
  • Haier
  • Dawlance
  • Orient

Our picks for the best air conditioner in Pakistan

1. Gree 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Pular Series AC Heat and Cool – GS-18PITH11W


Tonnage: 1.5 Ton
Capacity: 18000 BTU/h
Condenser Coil: Copper
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 3.7
Power Consumption: For Cooling: 2450/1500/380, For Heating: 2600/1410/350
Warranty: 1 Year Official
Smart Features: Wi-Fi Enabled, I-Feel, Child Lock

Reasons to buy

  • Fast performance
  • Ceiling cooling and floor heating
  • Low power consumption

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive

The Gree Pular Series (GS-18PITH11W) is suitable for any indoor space with a 1-meter length. It also features rapid cooling and heating capacity with multiple functions. 

The AC’s smart features allow you to use power factor correction technology; which allows you to save maximum energy (60%) and reduces your electricity bill. It also features an automatic restart option, which supports proper dehumidification. This will ensure that you are comfortable when the temperature decreases or increases.  

The three-directional airflow will ensure that the entire room remains cool (or warm, if you are using the heating function!) It will also defrost when needed, saving you from a lot of hassle especially when the humidity is high! 

The air conditioner has a curved elegant design that looks exceptionally decent and fits well with any wall.  It also features an LED display, though it is not visible from the outside. Safety isn’t an issue either as it comes equipped with a child lock and a fireproof feature.

In short, Gree DC Inverter Split Air Conditioner Heat & Cool 1.5 Ton is a decent choice for people looking for high performance with minimum energy consumption. 

2. Gree DC Inverter Pular Series Air Conditioner Heat & Cool 1.0 Ton (GS-12PITH11W)


Tonnage: 1.0 Ton
Capacity: 12000 BTU/h
Condenser Coil: Copper
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 3.71
Power Consumption: Low
Warranty: 1 Year
Smart Features: Wi-Fi Enabled, I-Feel, Child Lock

Reasons to buy

  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • I-Feel 
  • Fast performance

Reasons to avoid

  • None

The Gree Pular Series (GS-12PITH11W) comes equipped with advanced settings and, similar to other Gree ACs, its power consumption is low and its output is high. The air conditioner’s Wi-Fi technology grants you the ease of turning the AC on and off with your smartphones.  

The AC’s fast performance allows you to keep your space warm/cool. The exceptional cooling capacity will allow you to keep your ceilings cool, and the heating capacity will keep your floor warm and heated. It also features Gree’s I-Feel, which detects the temperature and adjusts the temperature of the room as needed. It also has automatic restart technology, which means that your air conditioner will turn back on after a power outage, and the settings won’t have changed. 

This AC has a Cold Plasma Filter, which will help to improve the air quality and protect your health.  It will automatically filter out any harmful bacteria that breed in your indoor space, keeping the air safe for breathing. It also features other safety features such as a child lock and fireproof technology. 

3. Panasonic Inverter Heat & Cool Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton (UE18WKF-9)


Tonnage:1.5 Ton
Capacity: 18000 BTU/h 
Condenser Coil: Gold foil
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 3.05
Power Consumption: 150-265 V
Warranty: 1 Year
Smart Features: Safest Gas Refrigerant, 4D Air Flow

Reasons to buy

  • Less noisy
  • Fast performance
  • Durable

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive

The Panasonic Inverter (UE18WKF-9) is sleek and eco-friendly. The latter is thanks to the refrigerant gas makes, which does not cause any harm to the ozone layer. It also does not consume a lot of power. It can operate on 150 voltages and its heating or cooling capacity is not affected by low voltage. 

The AC comes equipped with shower cooling, which cools down temperature indirectly. This basically means that the cooling feature will protect you from any harmful effects of cool air, adjusting the temperature so that it is suitable according to normal body temperature. This works for the heating features as well. Its four-dimensional airflow will keep your whole space cool/warm, even those pesky corners that are usually left forgotten. 

So, in the end, this Panasonic AC is a good choice for you if you are looking for a reasonably priced AC with a well-functioning cooling and heating system.

4. Dawlance Elegance + Inverter 30 1.5 Ton


Tonnage: 1.5 Ton
Capacity: 18000 BTU/h
Condenser Coil: Gold fin
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 3.1
Power Consumption: 220-240 V
Warranty: 4 Year PCB Card
Smart Features: Multiple Programming Feature, Auto Restart, Sleep Mode, Memory Function, Turbo Mode

Reasons to buy

  • Less expensive than others
  • Fast performance
  • Durable

Reasons to avoid

  • A little noisy

The Dawlance Elegance + Inverter 30 is the best 1.5 Ton AC in Pakistan and a reliable option. It will keep the air safe for breathing and it’s easy to clean. The latter is thanks to the AC’s removable panels and the outdoor casing, which will protect your AC and keep it safe from rust. 

The air conditioner boasts a number of smart features. This includes automatic restarting, with a memory function, which starts the AC at the same temperature when it was last turned off last time. It can also detect the temperature quickly and adjust the cooling/ heating temperature as required. It does not consume much power since it can operate at low voltage.  Despite this, it has a high cooling capacity, which allows the space that you are in to stay cool after you’ve turned the AC off. 

So, this inverter is a good option for those of you with a strict budget. This is especially true as the inverter is available at a discounted price on the official website. 

5. Dawlance Air Conditioner Sprinter 15 DC Inverter 1.0 Ton


Tonnage: 1.0 Ton
Capacity: 12000 BTU/h
Condenser Coil: Gold fin
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 3.04
Power Consumption: 220-240 V
Warranty: 4 Years PCB Card Warranty
Smart Features Anti-Rust Coating, Typhoon Air Technology

Reasons to buy

  • Easy installation
  • Efficient
  • Reliable

Reasons to avoid

  • Higher energy consumption

The Dawlance Elegance 15 Inverter Split is a durable AC with a sleek design and hidden display. It has a powerful cooling system, which makes it ideal for use in higher temperatures. Its cooling range is between 16° to 32° and it sends air out in all directions to ensure that the entire room is either heated or cooled. The AC has an automatic restart function, in case of electricity outages. It also automatically detects changes in temperature and then regulates them. 

It also has an Anti-F feature, which stops microorganisms from growing on the AC’s evaporator coil by keeping it dry. This function will mean that after the AC is turned off, the compressor will turn off but the fan will remain on for a bit. 

The Dawlance inverter has a 12-year warranty. However, it has a lower energy-efficiency ratio as compared to other air conditioners. This means that it consumes more power than its competitors. This can result in higher electricity bills, which is a drawback of this air conditioner. 

6. Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter Lunar Series


Tonnage: 1.5 Ton
Capacity:18000 BTU/h
Condenser Coil: Gold Fin
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 3.6
Power Consumption: 220-240 V
Warranty: 1 Year
Smart Features: Wi-Fi control, 4D Air Throw, Smart Clean

Reasons to buy

  • 80% energy saving
  • Can be controlled with phone
  • Instant cooling

Reasons to avoid

  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues

The Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter has a 5-star customer rating, thanks to its high performance. This DC inverter throws air in 4D and keeps your homes and offices remarkably warm/cool.  It also has an Auto Clean Sterilization System that keeps the air dust free and cleanses the evaporator. 

Its most advanced feature is that it can be operated with your phone. You can link it with Google Assistant and turn it on while sitting anywhere. Moreover, you can also check its ampere and set a specific temperature through your phone. 

The AC has a T3 Tropicalized Inverter, so it can operate well even if the room temperature goes up to 60°. It is also one of the few Air conditioners that are able to perform at 70V.  So, it consumes very little power even as it works consistently well. To help you monitor its performance, the Orient AC comes equipped with an AI Energy Meter that will show you the amount of power that it consumes. 

All these specifications make it perfect for your indoor space. 

How to pick the best air conditioner in Pakistan for you

There are several factors to consider when you are looking for the best air conditioner. Price is one factor, but it’s not the only one that you should consider when purchasing an air conditioner. 


This is the cooling capacity (also known as tonnage) of your air conditioner and it is measured in British Thermal Units per hour (BTUs/hr). The BTU levels will help you to understand the size of the room in which the AC will work well. The simplest way to understand this is that the larger the room is, the higher the BTU needs to be. 

The best way to determine which air conditioner is suitable for your room capacity is to check a BTU Chart:

Room CapacityTonnageBTUs required
Up to 150 sq. ft1 ton5000 BTUs
Up to 250 sq. ft2 ton6000 BTUs
Up to 300 sq. ft2.5 ton7000 BTUs
More than 300 sq. ft3 ton>7000 BTUs
BTU Chart

When the AC specifications mention tonnage, the company is referring to the amount of heat that the air conditioner can remove in one hour. In Pakistan, you shouldn’t consider an AC with a capacity lower than 1 ton. 

After-sales services

It is also important to consider the after-sales services of the company. Look for a company that offers at least a one-year warranty on their air conditioners and has helpful customer service representatives. You should also check that the parts of the AC are available in Pakistan, in case of any long-term appliance malfunctions. 

Energy efficiency ratio 

This is a measure of how much energy your air conditioner uses to cool a room. The higher the EER, the more energy-efficient your air conditioner is. In Pakistan, we recommend choosing an air conditioner with an EER of at least 3. 


This is the current drawn by the AC and it is measured in amps (A). The higher the amperage, the more powerful your air conditioner will be. In Pakistan, we recommend choosing an air conditioner with an amperage of at least 15 A.

Smart Features

Today, most air conditioners will come with features like a timer, turbo mode, and sleep mode. Other features include Wi-Fi connectivity, self-cleaning technology, dust detection technology, and anti-bacterial technology. These features can be convenient, but they also add to the price of the air conditioner. So, keep your budget and needs in mind when considering which features, if any, you need.

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