The 5 Best Electric Stoves in Pakistan

Electric stoves offer quite a few advantages over their gas counterparts; electric variants are typically easier to clean, more consistent temperatures, they’re safer in some ways, and since they’re heat-efficient, they don’t make your kitchen hotter. And while these benefits are great, many of us end up looking for the best electric stove in Pakistan simply because, well, there are major gas shortages. Especially in the winters.

So if you want to avoid the safety concerns that come with using LPG cylinders, buying an electric stove is a safe, reliable choice. We’ve reviewed five different electric stoves, including ones with single and dual hot plates and various power outputs, to suit different needs. Whether you need a modest hot plate to warm your food up, or a powerful induction oven to roast chicken, we’ve got you covered.

In a hurry? Here’s a quick rundown of each of the best electric stoves in Pakistan:

The best overall: Westpoint WF-143

This induction cooker fulfills all cooking needs, from warming up leftovers to deep frying samosas. It also boasts robust safety features. Read full review

Our budget pick: Sogo JPN-666

A budget-friendly induction stove that doesn’t compromise on power. Read full review

Our high-end pick: Philips HD4911/00

A sleek, powerful electric stove with extensive functions, giving you complete control over your cooking. Read full review

Best value for money: Westpoint WF-262

A safe, affordable electric stove with two hot plates. Read full review

Best double hot plate: Anex AG-2062

A double-hot plate electric stove for buyers on a budget, with limited power output. Read full review

What should you consider when buying an electric stove in Pakistan?

One of the main considerations is obviously your budget; a higher budget will likely get you a more powerful stove, with more settings and double heating zones instead of single ones. But, for the appliance itself, you’ll also need to consider:

Power ratings: Modest heating plates and induction cookers, with around 900-1500 wattages, can warm food up and cook certain types of meals, but they aren’t particularly powerful. So, you’ll struggle with, say, deep frying and cooking meals that require higher temperature settings. You’ll usually need an electric stove with 2000W or more for such needs.

Additionally, some electric cookers include temperature setting options, to help you understand what operating temperatures they can reach.

Safety features: Since electric stoves don’t have visible flames, people might accidentally touch them while they’re hot. So, induction cookers are often equipped with safety features, like overheating protection (turns off when the temperature gets too high), or auto switch-off (turns off if the pot is removed or if the stove is left on for too long).

The 5 Best Electric Stoves in Pakistan

1. Westpoint Induction Cooker WF-143


• 2000 Watts
• 220/240V
• Auto Safety Switch
• Overheat & Voltage Protection
• 8 cooking modes

Westpoint’s WF-146 electric stove is a safe, powerful induction cooker with eight different cooking settings. This induction cooker boasts 2000W of power, making it suitable for both low and high-temperature cooking – including deep frying. The stove includes specific settings for stir-frying, frying, making soups, and hot pots, etc. 

Westpoint has included three safety features, which include 1) overheating and voltage protection, 2) auto switch off after 2 hours, and 3) auto detection (to make sure you’re using suitable pots/pans). The WF-143 also comes with an induction cooker-friendly ceramic bowl, which is heat and shockproof. 

Overall, the WF-143 is safe, efficient, and easy to install and remove thanks to its light, compact design. The multiple cooking functions also help you get the temperature settings right for cooking, which many first-time buyers of induction-cookers appreciate. The Westpoint WF-143 induction cooker retails at around 30,000 PKR.

2. Philips Induction cooker HD4911/00


• 2100 Watts
• Sensor Touch
• 5 Power Levels
• Cool-to-touch Surface
• Auto Safety Switch

Philips is known for its reliable, quality, and user-friendly products, and the HD4911 induction cooker possesses all of these traits – albeit at a somewhat hefty price tag. This  powerful 2100W electric stove includes specific temperature settings for 60, 120, 180, 240, and 300°C, respectively, giving you complete control over the heat output. It also includes specific settings for frying, boiling water, hotpot, steaming, and roasting. 

Philips has included overheating protection in the HD4911, and the preset timer helps you make sure meals are prepared right on time. But given the model’s price point, we’d have preferred more advanced safety features, like automatic switch-off when pots are removed. Still, if you’re more interested in performance and can compromise on safety features, then the HD4911 is an excellent electric stove. Its current retail price is just shy of 37,000PKR and the induction cooker is protected by a 2 year brand warranty.

3. Sogo Electric Stove JPN-666


• 2000 Watts
• 220/240V
• Touch Panel
• Energy Efficient Mode
• 5 Cooking Modes

Sogo’s JPN-666 is the most affordable electric stove that we’ve reviewed, but don’t let its price tag fool you – it has all the essential features that you’d expect from an induction cooker. This includes a timer, multiple cooking settings, including stir fry, hot pot, boil, and barbecue. It also  
It comes with a ceramic plate and boasts a power rating of 2000W. 

Our only main complaint with the JPN-666 is its lack of safety features, mainly no auto switch-off. But if you’re willing to compromise on safety, then the JPN-7666 is a steal, retailing at just under 10,000 PKR.

4. Westpoint Double Hot Plate WF-262


• 1500 Watts
• 220/240V
• Overheat Protection
• Adjustable Thermostat Control
• Skid-proof Rubber Feet

The WF-262 is Westpoint’s take on an electric stove with double hot plates, with a combined 2500W power rating, a stainless steel build, and skid-proof rubber feet to keep it firmly mounted in place. The induction cooker comes with overheating protection and a power-on indicator light for added safety.

If you need an affordable, compact electric stove that’s easy to store, the WF-262 is a solid choice. Its lightweight, durable build makes it easy to move around, and the cord wrap reduces the amount of space it takes up. You can precisely fix the stove’s powerlevels with an adjustable thermostat, making it ideal for cooking any type of food.

Westpoint’s WF-262 retails at just under 20,000PKR, making it great value for money.

5. Anex Double Hot Plate AG 2062


• 1000 & 1500W
• 220/240V
• Cast Iron Plate
• Safety Thermo Fuse
• Adjustable Thermostat
• 2 Year Brand Warranty

Anex’s AG 2062 includes two hot plates, with 1500W and 1000W of power respectively. The smaller plate is ideal for warming up food or cooking on low temperatures, while the larger 1500W is ideal for cooking meals. Mind you, neither plate offers enough heat for deep frying, but otherwise, the AG 2062 fulfils most cooking needs. 

The AG 2062 includes overheating protection, courtesy of a Thermo fuse that shuts it off at high temperatures. The electric stove also comes with a thermostat that lets you monitor the temperature levels of each plate, helping you avoid overcooking. 

Anex’s AG 2062 is the most affordable, reliable double hot plate cooker that we found, retailing at just over 12,000 PKR.

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