The 5 Best Air Coolers in Pakistan [2024]

As electricity prices hit an all-time high, investing in one of the best air coolers in Pakistan is an investment you’ll want to consider. While room coolers don’t boast the same cooling power as air conditioners, they’re quite effective in the milder months – and if you don’t live in a particularly hot city, you might not need an AC at all.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best room coolers in Pakistan. But before you get to our reviews, you might want to know a bit more about air coolers (if none of this information is knew to you, head on over to the reviews and pick out your new air cooler!).

Air coolers rely on water (and sometimes ice packs) to cool your room down, and there are three main types: window, tower, and room coolers. Window air coolers are fitted in windows, with half of the appliance sticking outside. Room coolers function as standalone air coolers that you can freely move around in your home.

And, like room coolers, you can freely move tower coolers around in your home – but they function differently. These tower coolers suck the warm air in and proceed to cool your room down with evaporative cooling (which is the same method that other air coolers use).

What is evaporative cooling, and how does it work?

Evaporative cooling is a technique that uses evaporation to cool the air down. 

The air cooler takes the hot and dry air in and passes it through water-soaked cooling pads. These cooling pads absorb water from the cooler’s tank and when the hot air passes through it the water molecules on the cooling pads evaporate, causing the air to cool down. The air cooler’s fan then helps to release this cool air back into the room, bringing the temperature down. 

You’ll find that most air coolers come with honeycomb evaporative cooling pads. This is because they have higher water retention, a feature that allows them to cool the air down quickly. 

What is the best air cooler brand in Pakistan?

There are a number of brands that provide durable, high-quality, energy-efficient air coolers in Pakistan. But we’ve found that the following brands provide the best combination of product performance and after-sales service:

  • Super Asia
  • Boss
  • E-lite

In a hurry? Here are our picks for the best air coolers in Pakistan:

Best Overall: Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM-6500 Plus (65L)

Super Asia is known for its high-quality, powerful room coolers, and the ECM-6500 doesn’t disappoint. It’s one of the best room coolers in Pakistan with a durable build, powerful motor, and superb cooling technology. Read full Review

Best for small spaces: E-lite Evaporative Cooler Tower ETF-003 (2.74L)

This air cooler has a compact size, making it easy to maneuver and fit into a small space. It cools the room down using the rotating louvers and honeycomb evaporative cooling pads. Read Full Review

Best Capacity: Boss Air Cooler K.E. ECM- I.B 8000 (75L)

Need a compact room cooler without compromising on power? Boss’s ECM-8000 is a more compact alternative to the Super Asia ECM-6500, with similar cooling capabilities. Read Full Review

Best Budget: Boss Air Cooler ECM- I.B 7000 (85L)

Need a good cost-friendly room cooler in Pakistan? The Boss air cooler is a reliable option with an ice box, rust-free build, 3 fan settings and three cooling options. Read Full Review

Our top 5 picks for the best air cooler in Pakistan

1. E-lite Evaporative Cooler Tower ETF-003


Capacity: 2.74 liters·       
Power consumption: 60 W
Warranty: 1 year
Settings: 3 speed control and 4 wind modes.
Controller: Remote

Reasons to buy

  • Low power consumption
  • Customizable settings
  • Remote control
  • Elegant, compact design
  • Fast cooling option

Reasons to avoid

  • Low water capacity
  • AC operated only

If you’re looking for a powerful tower room cooler, then E-Lite’s ETF-003 cooler is a reliable option. The 42-inch cooling tower has a sleek, slim design and provides you with full control over your cooling settings. You can choose from three-speed controls, four wind modes (normal, natural, sleep, and child), and the ‘additional cooling’ option to reduce your room’s temperature down rapidly.

The cooler is equipped with a 2.74L tank with an ice box included – it evaporates the water and uses an oscillating fan to quickly cool down a wider range of your room. The cooler also comes with an ionizer option, which removes small particles from the air (like dust and tobacco) to freshen up the air. Unlike traditional air coolers, this tower cooler is noiseless to run and the compact design makes it easy to fit in any room. You can comfortably adjust any of its settings using your remote, and you can set a timer for it to turn off automatically after a while.

Overall, E-Lite’s ETF-003 tower cooler is a reliable, highly customizable cooling system that’s easy to store. Unlike traditional air coolers, it’s also quiet and sports a compact, elegant design, making it a great choice for when you have company. And while its price tag of around 38,000 PKR after discount) is quite steep, its power rating is 60W, so running it costs less than what you’d pay for a room cooler.

2. Canon Room Cooler 6500


Capacity: 90 liters
Power Consumption: 180W
Fan Type: Impeller
Warranty: 1 year
Cooling medium: Honeycomb cooler media
Number of cooling pads: 2-inch single cooling pad
Controller: Manual

Reasons to buy

  • Long cooling range
  • Lightweight design
  • Large capacity

Reasons to avoid

  •  No remote
  • Average build quality

The Canon 6500 is a mid-size air cooler with a rust-free, plastic build, and a generous 90-litre water tank capacity. It’s powered by an impeller fan, which has a powerful throw, cooling your room down quicker. This room cooler also has an impressive range, cooling up to 30 feet ahead, and its build includes honeycomb cooling pads that absorb the heat from the surrounding room.

Canon has done a great job at minimizing the 6500’s noise without compromising on power. It retails at around 30,000, and you’ll struggle to find a room cooler that offers better value for money. The build quality could be better (especially the wheels), but it’s functional and lightweight (making it easy to move around), so it’s a fair compromise.

3. Boss Air Cooler ECM- I.B 7000


Capacity: 85 L
Power consumption: 180 W
Fan Type: Propeller Fan
Warranty: 1 year motor warranty
Cooling medium: Ice packs and anti-bacterial three sides honeycomb evaporative pads
Number of cooling pads: 6
Cooling area (m3/ft3): 113/40000
Controller: Manual

Reasons to buy

  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Anti-bacterial honeycomb evaporative pads

Reasons to avoid

  • Small capacity
  • Limited cooling range

Boss’s ECM- I.B 7000 is an affordable, compact room cooler that retails at around 30,000 PKR. The cooler doesn’t have advanced technology, but it’s got all the essential cooling features and a compact, rust-free build. Boss has included honeycomb pads on three sides to absorb heat, an ice box, and yes, an auto swing feature for balanced cooling too. When your water tank is filled, the cooler is relatively quiet too, but as the capacity runs low, it becomes noisier.

Given the ECM- I.B 7000, we’re quite satisfied with the build quality. It’s made of durable plastic (only the ice box’s top is relatively fragile), and the compact design makes it easy to fit the cooler in tight spaces. However, this cooler is best suited for small and medium-sized rooms; it’s not powerful enough for larger rooms, as its air throw doesn’t have a long range.

4. Super Asia Air Cooler ECM-6500 Plus


Capacity: 65 L
Fan Type: Propeller fan
Warranty: 1 year
Cooling medium: Anti-Bacterial Sided Honeycomb Cooling Pad
Number of cooling pads: 6
Controller: Manual

Reasons to buy

  • Long range air throw
  • Re-freezable ice packs and ice box
  • Strong wheels with four-way movement.
  • Adjustable grills

Reasons to avoid

  • No remote control
  • Noisey

Price: 31,500

Super Asia is a household name in the room coolers market, and the ECM 6500 has all the core features that make Super Asia’s coolers reliable and functional. You won’t find more advanced features like a refill, but it has a powerful motor, an ice box with re-freezable ice packs (which you can load from the top), and a durable, rust-free plastic build.

The ECM 6500 also comes with multiple control features to help you customize your cooling experience. On the right-hand side, you’ll find two manual controls for adjusting its grills. You can keep both the top and bottom half grills open, or you can pick from one, to control where the air flows. The cooler comes with two speed settings, high and low, and you can turn the cooling feature on or off. It also includes an auto-swing option, which rotates the air throw to cool your room uniformly.

The Super Asia ECM 6500 is one of the best air coolers in Pakistan, and it retails at around 31,500 PKR. It’s easy to move around thanks to its wheels, and the sophisticated design will fit right in with your room’s interior. However, given how powerful its motor is, it does emit a fair bit of noise (although not nearly as much as window coolers!), so you’ll want to keep this potential drawback in mind.

5. Boss Air Cooler K.E. ECM- I.B 8000


Capacity: 75L
Power consumption: 185W
Fan Type: Propeller fan
Warranty: 1 year motor warranty
Cooling medium: Honeycomb cooling media
Number of cooling pads: 6
Cooling area: 45sq. m / 485sq.ft.
Controller: Remote

Reasons to buy

  • Large capacity
  • Powerful air throw
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with inverter UPS

Reasons to avoid

  • Average build quality
  • No adjustable grills

The Boss air cooler ECTR 8000’s contemporary, slim design makes it an elegant addition to your home. And its 75L water tank capacity means it’ll keep cooling even large rooms for hours, and the cooler’s top includes an ice box with re-freezable packs. So, this air cooler is a good choice for large guest rooms – it’s easy on the eyes, not too loud, and keeps the general area cool.

The 6-fin fan, rotating louvers, and auto swing mode encourage air circulation and make sure the room is cooled uniformly. The large cooling pad area and 3-sided honeycomb evaporative cooling pads keeps the circulating air cool by absorbing any heat. You can also use this cooler with an inverter UPS, which means it’ll help you get through the summer heat (load shedding doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…).

The Boss ECTR 8000 is more compact than the Super Asia ECM-6500, so this cooler is a better choice for smaller rooms. However, the build quality is decent but not as sturdy as the ECM-6500’s. This model retails at around 30,000 PKR.

How to pick the best air cooler in Pakistan for you

Usage/Room size

When you’re looking for an air cooler, you’ll need to take the size of your room into consideration. Compact coolers are ideal for small rooms of up to 125-250 sq ft. But if you have a large room, you’ll need an air cooler with a higher cooling capacity.

Tank capacity

The water tank’s capacity is one of the air cooler’s most important features, because it’s crucial to the cooling process. Air coolers have different capacities. For smaller rooms, consider buying an air cooler with a 20-30 liter tank capacity. For larger rooms, we’d recommend an air cooler that has a capacity of 50 liters or more.

Cooling medium

Cooling medium is a vital factor that determines the quality of cooling in your space. The main purpose of an air cooler is to work as a heat exchanger between the cooling medium and the air.

We recommend using air coolers with honeycomb cooling pads,  instead of the traditional aspen wood wool cooling pads, as they provide higher water retention and higher cooling efficiency, with lower maintenance costs. Some coolers will also come with ice packs, to help you cool the room down further. 

After sales services

Since air coolers are a modest investment, it’s important to choose a brand with reliable after-sales service. Otherwise, if your air cooler stops performing, you might find it difficult to repair. Well-known brands such as Boss, SuperAsia, and E-lite have a wide network of after-sales services staff, making them a reliable choice.

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