The Top 7 Best Mobile Under 30000 in Pakistan [2024]

Just because you have a smaller budget doesn’t mean you can’t get a good phone. There are a ton of affordable phones under Rs 30000, many of which offer enough functionality that it’s hard to believe they aren’t flagship models.

While budget phones may not have the screens or the very specific features that make flagship phones expensive, they can still provide a great deal of value. A cheaper smartphone can look good, have reasonable specs, a long lasting battery life, and offer solid performance, all without breaking the bank.

If you Google “best smartphone under 30000 in Pakistan” you’re going to get bombarded with hundreds of different options. That might just end up confusing you more because most of the listed models look pretty, but a good design doesn’t actually mean “best”, especially from a performance perspective.

So, to help you find the best mobile under 30000 in Pakistan for your specific needs, we put together this detailed review.

In a hurry? Here are the 7 best phones under 30000 in Pakistan

Best in the 25000 range: Sparx Neo X

A slim, sleek design with thin bezels, 64GB of storage, and 50MP (back) & 8MP (front) cameras are some of the reasons why the Sparx Neo X is the best phone in the 25000 range in Pakistan. Read full review

Best under 20000: Redmi A2+

Redmi’s A2+ is ideal for simple, everyday needs like scrolling through social media, replying to messages, checking emails, and watching YouTube videos. It’s one of the best phones under 20000 in Pakistan. Read Full Review

Best performance: Redmi 12C

The 12C boasts noticeable design improvements over the 10C, with a more discreet camera module and glossier look. Its Helio G85 processor distinguishes the Redmi 12C from similar budget phones that rely on less powerful processes, and its fingerprint sensor is delightfully responsive. These features make it one of the best Xiaomi phones under 30000 in Pakistan. Read full review

Most well-rounded: Tecno SPARK 10C

A whopping 128GB of storage, a smooth 90Hz LCD screen, reliable cameras with wide angles, and a great battery life make the Tecno Spark 10C one of the most well-rounded phones under 30000 in Pakistan. Read full review

Best overall: itel S23

Itel’s S23 boasts some of the best specifications in its class, including a UNISOC T606 chipset, a 50MP rear camera with a Samsung JN1 (S5KJN1) ISOCELL 2.0 sensor, and a stunning, premium design. It’s easily one of the best phones under 30000 in Pakistan in terms of performance, design, and reliability. Read full review

Best camera phone: Infinix Hot 30 Play

Infinix set out to design the best cameras on a budget in its Hot 30 series, and the Hot 30 Play definitely delivers. While its cameras don’t compete with high-end flagship models, they’re some of the best in this price bracket. The Hot 30 Play also offers many incentivizing features, including a massive 6000mAh battery, a beautiful display, and the choice between 64GB and 128GB storage options. Read full review

Best battery phone: itel P40

Boasting a robust 1.6Ghz octa-core processor coupled with a sizable 6000mAh battery, the itel P40 offers up to 20 hours of battery life that keeps you powered throughout the day. Read full review

Our picks for the best mobile under 30000 in Pakistan

1. Sparx Neo X: Best in 25000 range


Display: 6.5 inch LCD (720 x 1600)
MediaTek Helio G37
Storage / Expandable:
Rear camera:
50 MP + 2 MP
Front camera:
8 MP
Battery life:
16 hours+

Reasons to buy

  • Sleek, high-end design
  • Solid cameras with AI
  • Long battery life
  • Dual-SIM

Reasons to avoid

  • Underwhelming processor

Sparx’s Neo X offers some of the most impressive specs for any smartphone in its price range, including 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, a 50MP back camera, an 8MP front camera,  and a 5000mAh battery. The high-resolution back camera uses AI to focus pictures better – you end up with clear photos with distinguished colors.  The 8MP front camera is nothing to sleep on either; with the right lighting, you can take high-quality selfies to capture moments that matter. 

The Neo X is powered by the Mediatek Helio G37 Octa-core processor, which offers entry-level performance; in other words, it’s not great for, say, gaming, but it comfortably handles simple tasks, like using social media, replying to emails, and watching YouTube videos. The 5000mAh battery means you’ll get more than 16 hours out of the Neo X with light use. 

Despite being a budget phone, the Neo X looks anything but. Its slim, sleek design and narrow bezels give the phone a decidedly high-end look, and of course, the design enhances your viewing experience. The Neo X also offers its share of elegant color options, including maroon (our favorite), blue, and gold.

The Sparx Neo X is backed by a 1-year brand warranty, and it retails at around 25,000PKR. Its front and back cameras stand out as superior in its category, making it our pick for the best camera phone under 30000 in Pakistan.

2. Redmi A2+: Best under 20000


Display: 6.52 inch HD+ (720 x 1600)
Processor: MediaTek Helio G36
Storage / Expandable: 64GB
Rear camera: 8MP
Front camera: 5MP
Battery life: 19+ hours

Reasons to buy

  • Under 20K PKR
  • Large, vibrant display
  • Rear fingerprint scanner
  • Good for everyday needs

Reasons to avoid

  • Subpar cameras
  • Entry-level processor

Xiaomi specializes in producing budget-friendly smartphones, so it’s no surprise that the Redmi A2+ made our list. This model’s fingerprint scanner is the only physical upgrade from the A2, but the A2+ also offers a superior 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. 

The Redmi A2+ sports Xiaomi’s signature slim design, with thin bezels that leave it with an impressive 81% display-to-body ratio. However, don’t expect a high-end viewing experience from the A2+ – the LCD screen’s HD resolution is good enough for watching YouTube clips and scrolling through social media, but it’s not fit for movies. The A2+ is equipped with the slightly better Mediatek Helio G36 octa-core processor, which means it handles multitasking better than competing models, but it’s still not powerful enough for, say, gaming. 

We’d describe the A2+’s cameras as “functional”, but they’re far from exceptional. You’ll need to do a bit of legwork – getting the right lighting and right angle – to snap decent selfies. The back camera offers decent contrast, but it struggles to distinguish edges, and it doesn’t focus well in low-light settings. 

One consistency with Xiaomi’s phones is the inclusion of large batteries, and naturally, the A2+ boasts a 5000mAh one that offers more than 12 hours of life with casual use. And while it won’t win any awards for its performance, it’s well-rounded for its price point, retailing at around 19,999 PKR, making it one of the best phones under 20000 in Pakistan.

3. Redmi 12C: Best performance


Display: 6.7 inch LCD, (720 x 1600)
Processor: Helio G85
RAM: 3/4GB
Storage / Expandable: 32/64/12 GB
Rear camera: 50MP
Front camera: 5MP
Battery: 5000mAh

Reasons to buy

  • Stunning design
  • Robust build quality
  • 4GB RAM variant
  • Responsive fingerprint scanner
  • Mid-range processor

Reasons to avoid

  • Average cameras

Looking at it, you wouldn’t expect the Redmi 12C to be a lower-market budget phone. It’s got a sleek, elegant design with an appreciably sturdy build, with a strong rail and a textured back panel that offers better grip. Like the 10C, the 12C still has a fairly bulky camera module, but Xiaomi has done a better job at blending the 12C’s in with smarter color choices. Speaking of improvements, the 12C’s WiFi 5 module is also superior to the 10C’s. 

The 12C offers three storage options: two 3GB RAM options with 32 & 64GB storage options, and a more expensive 4GB RAM variant with 128GB of storage. For most needs, the 64GB storage variant is sufficient, but the 4GB RAM version offers noticeable performance improvements – it handles multitasking better. The Redmi 12C’s fingerprint scanner is integrated into the camera module, and it unlocks your phone after a very short wait. You can also use facial recognition to unlock your phone, but since this option is software-based, it’s not as secure.  

The 12C’s cameras are on par with other phones in its price range, offering good enough selfies and portraits without exceptional details and some too-bright areas. But while the cameras aren’t particularly impressive, Xiaomi has improved the 12C’s performance significantly over the 10C’s by including the Helio G85 processor. This makes the 12C much better for multitasking and sufficient for light games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run.

The 12C includes a 5000mAh battery, which is typical for Xiaomi’s mid-range phones and offers impressive battery life. The phone retails at just under 30,000 PKR, making it one of the best phones under 30000 in Pakistan performance-wise. 

4. Tecno SPARK 10C: Most well-rounded


Display: 6.52 inch LCD, (720 x 1600)
CPU: Octa-core
Storage / Expandable: 128GB
Rear camera: 50MP + AI
Front camera: 5MP
Battery size: 5000mAh

Reasons to buy

  • 90Hz refresh rate
  • Above-average 8GB RAM.
  • Massive 128GB storage
  • Fingerprint scanner

Reasons to avoid

  • Bulky camera module
  • Low max-brightness

Tecno’s Spark 10C is a reliable, affordable smartphone with noticeably better performance than typical budget phones. For starters, it sports a 90Hz LCD screen, compared to the more common 60Hz variant in its category. Its above-average 8GB RAM means the Spark 10C handles multitasking effortless, and you don’t have to worry about lag while playing simple games like Subway Surfer. The 5000 mAh battery also means you don’t have to worry about the 10C dying on you during the day.

The 10C also comes with an impressive 128GB storage – much more than you’d bargain for in a budget phone – so don’t expect to run out of space for your photos anytime soon. Tecno has also included a 16MP wide-angle lens, and while it doesn’t compete with flagship models, it captures clear pictures with a wide enough field of view. The 10C also comes with a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, which accurately scans your finger and unlocks your device almost instantly. 

Overall, Tecno has done a great job at delivering a balanced device with respectable performance at a very competitive price – the Tecno Spark 10C retails at just under 29,000 PKR. It’s got a great battery life, excellent storage, decent performance, and a camera that’s noticeably better than similar budget phones.

5. itel S23: Best overall


Display: 6.59 inch HD+ IPS LCD
Processor: UNISOC T606
RAM: 4/8GB
Storage / Expandable: 128GB
Rear camera: 50MP + 2MP sensor
Front camera: 8MP
Battery size: 5000mAh

Reasons to buy

  • Futuristic design and awesome build
  • Category-leading camera sensor
  • Powerful UNISOC T606 chipset
  • Big display with 90Hz refresh rate
  • 4&GB RAM options

Reasons to avoid

  • Unintuitive UI.
  • Fingerprint sensor is just a beat slow

Itel’s S23 has the best design and build of any budget phone we’ve come across by a mile, with a sleek back, a carefully placed circular camera module that blends right in, and a glossy finish that you’d easily mistake for glass. The white version of the S23 also changes its color to purple after being exposed to UV light.

The S23 doesn’t lead in only the design category, though – its specs outperform many competing models in the same price bracket. The 6.59-inch display, for instance, boasts a 90Hz refresh rate, offering smoother visuals than other budget picks that offer, at best, 60Hz. The phone’s primary camera setup also sports the Samsung JN1 (S5KJN1) ISOCELL 2.0 sensor, which is typically limited to phones above the 60k PKR bracket. This camera setup offers an impressive 50MP resolution and can record videos in 1080p, and the setup also includes various modes (portrait, Ultra HD, Super Night, Panorama, etc.) to help you capture distinguished photographs. 

The Itel S23’s selfie camera is nothing to dismiss, either, offering an impressive 8MP resolution. Itel has included the category-leading UNISOC T606 chipset (octa-core process), making it one of the best performers in its class. The Itel S23 comes with a whopping 128GB of storage, and you can choose between 4GB and 8GB RAM options.

Our only real complaints about the S23 concern its user interface and fingerprint sensor. It uses the Itel OS 8.6.0 interface, isn’t as intuitive as we’d like, and the fingerprint sensor isn’t quick enough (the facial recognition feature is considerably faster). However, despite these drawbacks, the Itel S23’s combination of category-leading performance, exceptional design, and stellar camera setup make it one of the best phones under 30000 in Pakistan.

6. Infinix Hot 30 Play: Best camera


Display: 6.8 inch LCD, (1080 x 2408)
: MediaTek Helio G37
RAM: 4/8GB
Storage / Expandable: 64/128GB
Rear camera: 16MP
Front camera: 8MP
Battery size: 6000mAh

Reasons to buy

  • Good cameras
  • Massive battery
  • Sleek, glassy look
  • 90Hz refresh rate display

Reasons to avoid

  • Entry-level processor

The Hot 30 Play is the midway model from Infinix’s Hot 30 series, and like the Itel S23, this phone’s specifications are a stretch above what your typical budget phones offer. The Infinix Hot 30 Play sports a sleek, glassy look that makes it look premium, and its 6.82-inch screen boasts an impressive 90Hz refresh rate.  Overall, it delivers a stellar viewing experience.

The Hot 30 Play offers two storage options, 64GB and 128GB and a choice between 4GB and 8GB of RAM. However, only the 4GB + 64GB variant is under 30k. Unfortunately, despite decent RAM, the Infinix Hot 30 Play’s entry-level Helio G37 chipset holds its performance back. It’s definitely powerful enough for basic needs, like scrolling social media and swapping between different apps, but it’ll struggle with advanced games and resource-heavy applications. Its performance is simply outclassed by the Itel S23.

Infinix highlights the Hot 30 series’ cameras, and to be fair, the Hot 30 Play’s cameras are a step above what similar budget phones have to offer. There are three modules at the back (back cameras offer 16MP resolution), one for the LED flashlight, and a selfie camera (8MP) at the front. In sufficient light conditions, the cameras snap quality photos for social media, with decent sharpness, detail, and colour reproduction. 

The Hot 30 Play’s 6000mAH battery is definitely one of its standout features, easily offering over 2 days of life with casual use. The 4GB RAM variant retails at just under 30,000 PKR, making it one of the best camera phones under 30000 in Pakistan.

7. itel P40


Display: 6.6-inch HD+

RAM: 3/4GB
Storage / Expandable: 128GB
Rear camera: 13MP + VGA
Front camera: 5MP
Battery size: 6000mAh

Reasons to buy

  • 4GB RAM option (recommended)
  • 6000mAh battery
  • 4G Support
  • Big, vibrant HD+ display

Reasons to avoid

  • Average cameras

Itel specializes in making affordable smartphones for everyday needs, and the P40 falls right in line. It sports a large, 6.6-inch HD+ display with an IPS waterproof notch design, giving you a larger screen overall. 

With a 1.6Ghz octa-core processor and 4GB RAM (we don’t recommend the 2GB option), the Itel P40 comfortably manages everyday multitasking needs, like watching videos, messaging, and scrolling through social media. It also supports 4G connectivity, which means you don’t need to worry about internet lag holding you back. The P40 can also manage simple games, like Candy Crush, but it falls short for more graphic-intensive ones, like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty (COD). 

For its price range, the P40’s cameras are quite respectable, with a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, respectively. The Itel P40’s 6000mAh battery is quite impressive and gets you up to 20 hours with casual use. The phone retails at around 27,000 PKR, making it a great budget phone for everyday use. 

How to pick the best mobile under 30000 in Pakistan 2024 for you.

If you’re looking to buy a budget-friendly smartphone, then you have to compromise on some features. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a phone that still performs well and suits your needs. You just need to prioritize; what features matter the most to you? Which functionality can you compromise on?

If you’re looking to buy the best smartphone under 30000 in Pakistan for your needs, then some features to consider include:

Battery life

Do you need a phone to get you through the whole day, on heavy use? If you’re out and about a lot, which is common for professionals and college students, then a good battery life is generally a priority. If you need a crazy long battery life, then the itel P40 has you covered. But, if you’re looking for a more well-rounded phone, the itel S23 offers decent runtime and exceptional features for its price.

Camera Quality

Okay, so millennials and Gen-Z came under a lot of fire for being too photo-enthusiastic. Snapchat and Instagram were apparently turning us into bad eggs. However, the moment the pandemic hit, suddenly good cameras were in demand for academic and professional purposes.

Need to scan an assignment and send it in? Teachers suddenly appreciated students’ love for good camera phones. That’s why we listed the Infinix HOT 30 Play – because its got an exceptional front camera given the price point, and the selfie camera isn’t anything to overlook. If you’re looking for more advanced camera phones and are willing to spend more, check out our complete list of the best camera phones in Pakistan.


I have been frequently accused of not using my phone to its full potential. The fact is, not everyone is a ‘heavy’ phone user. Some of us just scroll Instagram and shoot texts, as opposed to playing COD or Pubg. Anyway, if you use your phone a lot and need something that holds up during your intense gaming sessions, then the Redmi 12C is a good choice. T


All our picks for the best mobile in Pakistan under 30000 have decent standard storage, and viable expandable options. So, you shouldn’t have a hard time with this decision – they’re all good candidates. But if you’re looking to store the Matrix on your phone, then the Tecno Spark 10C and itel S23 have 128GB options available.


Most of the phones we’ve listed fall in the 6.5-6.6 inches display range, but if you’re someone that likes bigger screens, the Infinix HOT 30 Play boasts a 6.82inches.

Happy hunting!

We hope you found our rundown helpful. Had some good times with a phone under 30k that we haven’t listed? Let us know, and we’ll check it out.

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