The 7 Best Speakers in Pakistan

The best speakers in Pakistan are portable, deliver clear sound, and offer good value for money. So, whether you’re looking to splash out, or are buying on a budget, your home stereo experience should be as smooth as can be.

We’ve reviewed some solid choices and did our best to check top models at different price points. Of course, the less you spend, the more you’ll end up having to compromise. But, to give you the best value for money, we’ve reviewed models that perform well even at lower budgets.

So, let’s take a look at our top picks. We hope you find what you’re looking for – and drop us a comment if you need further advice!

In a hurry? Here are the best speakers in Pakistan for:

The best overall: JBL Flip 5

With a waterproof, compact build, high-quality defined sound, and respectable battery life, the JBL Flip 5 earned their place as the best speakers in Pakistan on our list. Read Full Review

Our Budget Pick: Audionic Solo X5

We liked the Solo X5 because of its well-balanced surround sound, premium metal build, and all-around performance at a reasonable price. Its battery life is a bit of a disappointment though. Read Full Review

Best for desktop: Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120

These lightweight, affordable speakers are a great addition to your desktop. They sport decent sound quality, appreciable bass response, and an adjustable cable length. They retail at just over 3000 rupees. Read Full Review

Best for gaming: Logitech Z313 Speaker System

The Z313 is a well-rounded speaker system that delivers balanced sound and bass response (it’s not so deep as to distort the audio clarity). The sound comfortably fills medium-sized rooms, creating an immersive experience, and the speakers even come with a headphone jack. Read Full Review

Best home theater: Sony HT-S350

If you’re looking to upgrade your home theatre listening experience, the Sony HT-S350 is a great option. These speakers boast a premium build, high-quality surround sound, and bass response, and a remote to give you direct control. That’s why HT-S350 is our pick for the best sound system for home in Pakistan. Read Full Review

Best car sound system: Kenwood KFC-M6934A

The name reminds us of fried chicken too, but that’s not why we picked the KFC-M6934A. These speakers deliver solid, clear sound with powerful bass response, powerful mids, and strong highs. They’re designed with durable material, and their performance makes them one of the best sound systems in Pakistan. Read Full Review

Best bass: Anker SoundCore Flare+

With IPX7 technology, exceptional bass response, sound clarity, and a solid battery life, we couldn’t fault the SoundCore Flare+ much. It’s our pick for the best bass speakers in Pakistan, thanks to its 360-degree sound technology equipped with BassUp. Read Full Review

The 9 Best Speakers in Pakistan

1. JBL Flip 5


Weight: 0.54 kg
Battery Life: 10 hours 23 minutes.
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
Sensitivity: 96 DB
Drivers: Single 44mm
Aux-in: No
USB Charging: Yes

Reasons to buy

  • Good value for money.
  • Portable.
  • Waterproof
  • Impressive sound-quality

Reasons to avoid

  • No mic
  • No aux connection

True to JBL’s MO, the Flip 5 sports a tough, premium build with an IPX7 build, meaning it’s completely waterproof (up to 3-meter submersion). While we still wouldn’t recommend plunging this Bluetooth speaker in your bathtub, you can safely keep it by the poolside or beach. The JBL Flip 5’s 4.2 Bluetooth pairs instantly, offering a decent indoor connection range, but the lack of aux connection means you can’t hardwire it to devices. Some more surprising omissions are the lack of a mic and how JBL traded Bluetooth 5 out for 4.2.

Given the Flip 5’s portable, compact design, the impressive sound quality might surprise you, but superior audio is JBL’s signature. The speakers deliver the right amount of detail, bass response, and clarity.

At low-to-medium volumes, softer songs are clear and crisp, and more adventurous music is well-defined.  The Flip 5 also holds up well at high volumes – the sound doesn’t distort or strain.

The Flip 5’s battery lasts almost 10 hours with constant playback, despite JBL claiming they hold up for 12. It retails for around Rs 14,000 to Rs 15,000, which is excellent value for the sturdy, high-performance model.

2. Audionic SOLO X5


Weight: 0.45 kg
Battery Life: 1 hour
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5
Sensitivity: N/A
Drivers: 52 mm
Aux-in: No
USB Charging: Yes

Reasons to buy

  • Inexpensive
  • Good sound quality 
  • Premium build

Reasons to avoid

  • Low battery life
  • Sound may distort at highest volume settings

Best Budget Speaker in Pakistan

To justify their low price, budget-friendly speakers compromise on some features in favor of others. The Audionic Solo X5, for example, offers a premium metal, cylindrical build, and decent performance at the cost of battery life.
The overall sound is well balanced, delivering consistent, clear audio. The balanced delivery differentiates between the vocals and background music, and your overall listening experience is enhanced thanks to the Solo X5’s 360 surround sound design. At the highest volume settings, the sound distorts somewhat, compromising on clarity. However, we didn’t feel the need to use the speakers at their maximum settings.   

The Audionic Solo X5’s major drawback is its battery life, lasting only around an hour with constant playback. So, these speakers are best suited for casual use. They charge in around 30 minutes, which is quick but again, the battery won’t last long. 

The Audionic Solo X5 Wireless Bluetooth speakers retail for around Rs 899, which is quite cheap, especially since the build and sound quality are solid.

3. Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120


Weight: 5 kg
Sensitivity: N/A
 Aux-in: No
USB Charging: Yes

Reasons to buy

  • Great sound quality
  • Portable

Reasons to avoid

  • Bass fades as the volume increases

Best desktop speaker in Pakistan

Logitech is known for its reliability in manufacturing high-quality products. We picked the Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120 because it’s portable and performs pretty well overall. The Logitech speakers sport a simplistic design with a modern curvy shape and a black aesthetic that suits most desktops.

The plastic speakers are small and lightweight because they’re made from plastic, making it easy to keep them with your desktop. The speakers’ sound quality is decent, especially considering the low-price tag. Despite their small size, the bass works well, but it does start to fade as you increase the volume. However, the sound clarity and detail are balanced at all volume settings.

The sweet spot for these speakers is at around 70-75% volume; if you cross 80%, the sound can start to distort. Plus, at 70-75%, the sound is loud enough to surround mid-size rooms, so you’ll rarely need to use higher settings. You can also comfortably move the speakers around the room by extending or shortening their cable length. 

The Logitech Stereo Speakers Z120 will cost you around Rs 2,650 on Logitech Pakistan’s official page, which is great value for money.

4. Logitech Z313 Speaker System


Weight: 480 g
Sensitivity: 90dB
USB charging: Yes

Reasons to buy

  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Deep bass.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Headphone jack included

Reasons to avoid

  • No USB supply
  • Can’t control bass levels from the control pod.

Best Gaming Speakers in Pakistan

The best gaming speakers deliver exceptional immersive experiences, and the Logitech Z313 doesn’t disappoint. While these speakers have a slightly vintage design, their satellites vouch for their modern efficiency.  

The Logitech speakers are easy to set up; a simple, no-fuss, plug-and-play system., The speakers are compatible with popular operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac, and their sound quality is crystal clear with balanced bass that isn’t overpowering. At high volume settings, the sound fills an entire room up easily, without distorting. 

The compact subwoofer easily fits into your gaming station, and the speakers come with a wired control pod that gives you direct control. Their pod even has a headphone jack. Unfortunately, you can’t control the bass levels from it, and you’ll need to change it from the subwoofer, which is somewhat impractical.

The Logitech Z313 Speakers costs around Rs 5,800, which is very affordable for a full-fledged speaker system.

5. SONY HT-S350


Weight: 10.2 kg
Battery life: N/A
Frequency Response:
40 Hz-20,000 Hz
TV, Mobile, Laptop
Driver Type: 160 mm

Reasons to buy

  • Great sound range.
  • Equipped with Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround technology
  • One-cable HDMI ARC

Reasons to avoid

  • Lacks Atmos Support
  • Lacks Multi-Room Audio /Wi-fi Music

The Best Home Theater Pick in Pakistan

If you’ve just bought a new TV for your home theater, you might be looking for speakers that deliver a better listening experience. Investing in speakers specifically designed for home theaters gives you the best value for money. We picked the Sony HT-S350 as one of the best options for home theaters because of its exceptional surround sound and high-quality build. 

The HT-S350 and its accessories have a simple design, so they naturally blend in with your room. If your TV is compatible with HDMI ARC, you can connect the speaker with just one wire, reducing cable clutter. If it is not, you get the option of connecting it via the optical input.

The speakers come with a remote for controlling the volume, switching the speakers on and off as well as selecting any of the 7 modes that the HT-S350 comes with. Although the remote functions as intended, it’s manufactured from low-quality plastic that feels cheap. The speakers deliver clear, consistent audio and boast an exceptional bass response, with powerful thumps. The surround sound is rich and clear, with the right amount of treble. Moreover, the S-Force Pro capability is Sony’s version of virtual surround sound technology which enables a theatre like experience.

The Sony HT-S350 is made from a high-quality metal that looks and feels premium, and it’s priced at around Rs 65,000. This might seem expensive at first, but for home theatre speakers, the price is quite reasonable.

6. Kenwood KFC-M6934A


Weight: 3500 g
Cut-Out Dimensions: 6″ x 9″ Inch
Sensitivity: 90 dB
USB charging: No

Reasons to buy

  • Exceptional surround sound
  • Built to last

Reasons to avoid

  • Sound loses clarity at higher volumes

The Best Car Speakers in Pakistan

If you’re looking to upgrade your car speakers for a long time without breaking the bank, then the Kenwood KFC-M6934A car speakers are worth considering. The design is simplistic, so it’ll easily blend in with your car. The speakers boast high sound quality, with clear highs and powerful mids.

The bass is deep and powerful with the right amount of treble. The acoustics have excellent clarity and detail. The surround sound works well and makes sure that music comes from every corner.

The only problem with these speakers is that the sound lacks clarity when you increase the volume. However, you don’t need to turn them up high to enjoy a good, immersive listening experience. The mid-range volume settings work just fine (unless you like turning your music up high and rolling down the windows so everyone on the road can hear it. Don’t be that person)

These speakers are designed from high-quality polypropylene material, so they’re built to last. The Kenwood KFC 6995 retails for around Rs 3,500 to Rs 4,000, depending on where you get them from.

7. Anker Soundcore Flare+


Weight: 850 g
Battery life: 20 hours
Battery power: 5200 mAh
Charge time: 3.5 hrs
USB charging:
Yes (Micro-USB)
Drivers count: 2
IP rating: IPX7

Reasons to buy

  •  Waterproof
  • BassUp technology
  • Music-syncing lights
  • Companion app

Reasons to avoid

  • Slight distortion at highest volume
  • Sub-par Soundcore app

The Best Bass Speakers in Pakistan

The Soundcore Flare+ is part of Anker’s portable Bluetooth speakers’ collection, and is arguably the strongest contender in the mid-range option. These speakers are designed as a cylindrical cone with mesh-like, non-uniformly colored fabric as the outer layer. The fabric not only blends smoothly into your living room setting but also ensures that dust particles stay out. The speakers are IPX7 waterproof allowing you to enjoy your music at the pool party without a worry. The Soundcore Flare+ can withstand being submerged in water up to 1m. These design features make it built to last.

The Soundcore Flare+ has deep, punchy bass and excellent clarity; there’s not much to complain about. It boasts two 2-inch full range speakers, two passive radiators for boosting bass and two tweeters, allowing you a truly 360-degree immersive sound experience. They do a solid job at maintaining clarity even at the highest volume setting, but the detail and treble start to fade away. The lower register instruments have a powerful and crisp sound. The Flare+ is equipped with a much better lower end bass than its predecessor. If you’re in a mood to groove to louder music, you can always connect two Flare speakers via a single device to double the volume.

The speakers’ Soundcore app allows you to get a beat-driven light show with 5 color themes and illumination patterns as well as the Precision EQ adjustments for heart-thumping beats. The app also facilitates driver updates for the speaker. The Soundcore Flare+ gives you a playback time of 20 hours, but you can squeeze a couple of hours extra by playing music on low volume setting and turning off the light-show.

The Anker Soundcore Flare+ retails for around Rs 25,000, which is extremely reasonable considering that it’s the best bass speaker in Pakistan at this price point.

How to pick the best speakers in Pakistan

When it comes to buying speakers, three things you should prioritize are your budget, the speaker’s output quality, and your usage needs. If you’re looking for desktop speakers, a wired pair should be sufficient. But you should check the cord’s length and make sure it’s sufficient for your workspace. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble setting them up.

When it comes to sound, many low-to-mid range speakers provide decent output. However, at the higher volume settings, their sound quality starts to suffer. So, these speakers are sufficient for everyday needs, but not for intense listening. If you’re into loud music with deep bass, you might want to splash out on a pricier model.

If you need on-the-go speakers, carefully check the model’s portability and make sure it meets your needs. You might want to check the speakers’ Bluetooth range, battery life (important for long trips!), weight, and whether it’s waterproof or not.

When looking for the best speakers, you’ll need to compromise on some features unless you splurge on a top model. But, regardless of your budget, don’t compromise on (a) sound quality and (b) portability, because any decent speaker should meet these needs.

You’re all set!

After carefully considering your needs, budget, and your use case, you can confidently make your purchase. We hope you found our list of the best speakers in Pakistan helpful – happy buying! And do let us know if you have any suggestions.

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